Silverado Business Systems, Inc

The AgRetail Management System™



Our Mission

We continue to provide feed and agricultural retailers with an efficient and productive business management tool to help them more profitably manage their business and achieve greater success.

We provide the systems, support, and training necessary to assist those retailers in achieving the most return on their investment. Silverado Business Systems, Inc. is committed to keeping our software applications flexible and responsive to the requests and changing needs of the feed and agricultural retail operator.

We consider these retailers to be Partners. We each play a significant role in the continued growth, development, and success of each others businesses.

Company Profile

The agricultural retail business is not just another potential market for our retail software. The agricultural retail business is our business. The Ag Retail Store Management Systemâ„¢ is used by feed, agricultural, western wear and generic retail stores across the U.S. It began as a custom application for a few feed stores in Central Texas. When the system was installed in David Glass' feed store outside of Austin, he liked the product so much he proverbially bought the company.

Our partners understand the nature of the business that we craft systems for; the high volume of repeat business, the need for personal attention, and the increasing demand on fewer qualified staff to provide better and more personal service.

Silverado Business Systems is so intent on the understanding the fineries of agricultural retail that we have relocated to a new building that is not only occupied by our offices, but by a feed store as well.

From this location we have access to the business that our software products support. This opportune location will assist us with the analysis of the domain, as well as providing access to a real world environment in which to proof new systems.

A Few Important People

  • David Glass, President
  • Barrett Sughrue, Product Development / Technical Support
  • Kathie Jennings, Administrator
  • Kelsie Harkins, Marketing Director